Medicine for abortion in Dubai

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Medicine for abortion in Dubai

Medicine for abortion in Dubai

There was a time when women were scared of talking about abortion and expressing the need for getting it done. It is still not considered morally right to undergo abortion in some counties. However, with the advancement in science, we have the safest methods for abortion available along with the most qualified doctors.

Medicine for Abortion in Dubai

Medicine for abortion in Dubai is composed of two pills: mifepristone and misoprostol. At our platform, both of these tablets are easily available at the lowest prices. Our purpose is to ensure the safest abortion process for all the females that choose our platform for their abortion.

Before undergoing abortion it is important for a person to know the types of abortion treatments that are currently available:

Type of abortion treatments

There are two types of abortion treatments

  • Abortion pill
  • Surgical abortion

Abortion pill

In this type of abortion treatment, the patient consumes the abortion tablet which prevents the secretion of progesterone. When there is the low secretion of progesterone it leads to disturbance in the pregnancy process which leads to either no pregnancy or miscarriage. The pills are medically tested. We at make sure that none of the risky products is available on our website. We have a team of doctors that is always present to help every patient 24/7.

Surgical Abortion

This is another type of abortion treatment in which the fetus is surgically removed from the body. The operation is performed under general anaesthesia and it takes about 20 minutes to complete the entire procedure.

When you compare both of these treatments the best-suited one is the abortion pills. It is true that having cramps is a big discomfort and causes serious pain but it usually lasts for a day and after 24 hours most of the effects of the pill are gone.

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